Do your products contain sulphates, parabens or silicones?

No, our products are made with 97% natural ingredients.  Free from  sulphates, paraffin waxes, silicones, synthetic dyes.

Are Alter Ego products suitable for extensions?

Yes, all shampoos and conditioners are sulphate free.  No harmful, nasty chemicals.


Can the different ranges be mixed and matched for example colour care shampoo used with silk oil conditioner?

Yes they can be mixed and matched.  In fact, it is a good idea to alternate between shampoos and conditioners.


Are all the shampoos suitable for frequent use?

Hydrate, Urban Proof, Colour Care and Silk Oil are ideal for frequent use.  Repair is quite an intensive range for damaged, broken hair and may be too heavy for frequent use.  Silver Maintain for blonde hair has a purple pigment and is quite strong so we recommend using this every 3 to 4 washes.


What conditioner can be used with the volume shampoo?


The gentle detangler is a good option. This is a lovely lightweight conditioner that does not weigh down the hair. 


What products can be recommended for thick frizzy hair?


Silk oil is a great range for thick, frizzy hair as it is formulated with a special blend of oils that tame and smoothen the hair leaving it soft, shiny and luxuriously smooth.


What products can be recommended for fine uncoloured hair?


Volume shampoo provides support from the roots and infuses long lasting volume.



Coloured Hair:

What products can be used for coloured hair with scalp psoriasis?


Our colour care range contains Goji Berries which prevents colour from fading and keeps hair healthy and shiny.  It does not contain any nasty chemicals so is gentle on the scalp.


What products are suitable for highlighted hair with extensions?


Our colour care range is a great frequent-use shampoo and conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of the colour.  Silver Maintain has a purple pigment to rid the hair of any yellow, brassy tones and is recommended for use on blondes every 3-4 washes.


What products could be used for coloured hair that is dry and frizzy?


Again, colour care will protect the colour from fading whilst also nourishing the hair.  For a more intensive treatment, our Shewonder mask is fantastic for nourishing and hydrating the hair.  It’s very effective on dry ends.  Leave on overnight for particularly dry hair.


Blonde Hair:


Is the silver maintain range only suitable for blonde coloured hair or can it be used for naturally blonde hair also?

The silver maintain range helps to protect and maintain blonde, grey and white hair. The range is suitable for naturally blonde, bleached or grey hair.


Are the silver maintain shampoo and conditioner suitable for frequent use?


The purple pigment in the Silver Maintain shampoo is quite strong so we would recommend to use it every 3 – 4 washes.  The colour care range is a great range to use in between.


Scalp Issues:

What products would be recommended for scalp psoriasis?

Whilst we can’t recommend treatments for specific medical conditioners, our Calming shampoo is a lovely, gentle shampoo that soothes irritated, sensitive scalp.  Our Gentle Detangler conditioner is ideal to use with this shampoo.  Like all products in the Alter Ego range, they do not contain any harmful chemicals so are gentle on the hair and scalp.

What products are recommended for dry flaking scalp?

The pure balancing shampoo would be most suitable along with the Gentle Detangler conditioner.


How often can the scalp treatments be used i.e., once a week etc.?


Use once a week or as required.


Do all the scalp treatments need to be used together to get the maximum benefit or can they be used separately?

Can be used separately


How to choose between the balancing and calming shampoos?


Pure balancing is for dry/greasy scalp.  Calming is for sensitive, irritated scalp


Can the treatments be used with other products in the range e.g., with the colour care shampoo?

Yes, they can.

What range is most suited for dry, frizzy hair


Silk Oil Range: This range is designed for frizzy, rebellious and hard to manage hair.


Repair Range: This range is designed for treated, damaged and brittle hair.


Hydrate: This range is designed to restore balanced hydration to medium and fine hair.


Curly Range: This range is designed for wavy hair and loose or tight curls.

Volume: This range is designed for fine hair which lacks tone.



My hair is falling out after having a baby.  What products would you recommend?


Postpartum hair loss is very common.  Our energizing range targets hair loss and is formulated to restore bounce and resistance to fragile, brittle hair.  It cleanses the scalp and hair effectively and creates the ideal conditions for optimizing the effectiveness of the Energizing tonic.  The Energizing tonic is an intensive revitalizing lotion for stronger, more resistant hair. The leave-in activity adds extra energy, completely purifying the scalp.


 My hair is thinning and feels dull and lifeless, what would you recommend?



Bodifying Range: This range is designed for fragile hair that tends towards thinning and occasional hair loss.  It gives a boost of energy to the scalp resulting in visibly fuller, healthier and stronger hair.