Alter Ego Silk Oil Shampoo

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For frizzy, unruly hair. 

Brightening, silk-effect shampoo, Silk Oil nourishes and smoothens the hair fiber, making hair softer, brighter and easier to manage.  It instantly makes the hair feel luxurious, transforming it for a long lasting sensation of unique silkiness.

Ideal for unruly and frizzy hair, the mix of fine oils – Argan and Coconut oil – provides a gentle, lush cleansing action whilst also nourishing and taming particularly
difficult hair.

Leaves hair manageable, shiny and easy to comb.


Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage and leave on
for a few minutes, then rinse. Apply again if necessary

• Gentle and lush cleansing action on both natural and
treated hair
• Nourishes and tames even the most difficult hair
• Static electricity control > styling control
• Ideal for unruly and frizz hair
• 99% of natural origin ingredients

Please note: Due to worldwide shortages we are out of stock of the pump for the 950ml bottle.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.