Echosline Seliar therapy Energy Kit

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ENERGY Shampoo 350ml: Intensified with a synergy of essential vegetable oils (Sage and Mint) and Caffeine, it gently washes the skin and hair providing nutrients, tone and extraordinary vitality. It gives energy and well-being for healthy, strong and resistant hair.

DETOX Treatment 150 ml: Concentrated formula based on essential oils (Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Orange, Rosemary, Geranium, Azulene), Caffeine and Guarana It gently removes skin impurities that slow down the normal functions of the hair creating a condition of well-being of elasticity of cleanliness and of balance of the stressed scalp. Its soft and creamy texture allows a comfortable and effective application to eliminate residues and toxins by preparing the skin for specific shampoo. Ideal for hair loss and thinning hair.

MULTI ACTIVE LOTION 75ml: Energizing, purifying, normalizing maintenance lotion. It maintains daily the results obtained with the energizing treatment for fragile hair and prone to loss.


Distribute DETOX TREATMENT with the applicator nozzle on dry skin

Massage in circular motions DO NOT RINSE

Apply ENRGY SHAMPOO and massage

To intensify the effect of ENERGY SHAMPOO, pour 15 ml of shp into the applicator and add 5 ml Multi active Lotion

Shake well and apply like a normal shp. Rinse

Apply Multi active when the hair is towel-dried directly on the scalp

Massage with circular movements