Gama IQ 2

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Gama IQ 2:

Available in Black and Rose Gold!

The NEW Gama IQ 2 is the lightest hair dryer on the world market, weighing only 294g and combines ultra powder and performance. It's 30% faster than other professional hair dryers and has an extra long lasting motor. 

What's New:

  • 9 New replacement filters now included 
  • The new Gama IQ 2 contains eSystem-C technology. This allows the dryer to detect when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Product Features:

3 Speeds

4 Temperatures

Cool Shot

Turbo 120.000 rpm

Cord: 3m / 9.8ft

External Magnetized Microperforated Filter:

Made to prevent dirt from entering the motor. The magnetized system facilities cleaning and maintenance. 

Professional Mesh Filter - PMF Tech:

Specially created to trap even the smallest environmental particles and protects hair from dirt ensures long motor life. 

iQ Standby Technology:

iQ2 has a built-in Standby sensor, designed to make work easier and more efficient. 

Smart Pad - with Standby Sensor:

iQ2 automatically turns to stand-by mode when you place it on the Smart Pad.

Oxy-Active Technology:

Emits Active Oxygen that acts like a powerful anti-bacterial to protect the scalp while also allowing a better colour fixation or colour lock effect. 

Star Nozzle:

Increases airflow and improves temperature distribution - ideal for protecting fine hair and sensitive scalp.

Deep Diffuser:

Diffuses warm air over large areas, avoiding damage to the hair cuticle. Protects curly hair from frizz and is designed to handle voluminous hair. 

Double - layers magnetic nozzles:

Protect against heat for safe use.

Auto Clean:

Technology that makes the motor's turbine spin in the opposite direction thus cleaning the filter. Software warning of cleaning after 12 hours to prevent malfunctions. 

Venturi Effect:

The outlet is designed to multiply the air flow delivered by the motor, It delivers extra airflow by suction effect without consuming extra energy.

Green Tool:

Eco-friendly tool

Ultra efficient dryer

Reduces drying time, thanks to its high performance. Less power consumption, reduces operating time.