Gama IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer Rose Gold

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Gama IQ Perfetto - Now in the new Rose Gold finish

IQ Perfetto is the most advanced professional hairdryer in the world.

Lightest in its class with 294 gr.

Most powerful with a brushless 110,000 RPM motor coupled with Venturi Effect design.

Ergonomic and sleek design.



Auto Clean

A technology that rotates the turbine in reverse direction, deep cleaning the filter.

Memory Function

Speed and temperature memorization system, which recalls chosen settings among the 18 possible configurations, easily usable with the LED display.

Innovative Micro filter

Prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles into the motor, promoting your hair’s cleanliness and extending the engine’s lifecycle. Designed to prevent your hair from getting caught in the back coil of the dryer.

Oxy Active Technology

Get shiny and elastic hair thanks to the emission of active oxygen with anti-bacterial, for better color fixation and lock.

Venturi Effect

The air outlet has been designed to mutilply the air-flow dispensed by the motor. The extra air-flow is produced via vacuum effect without using extra power.

Auto-Diagnosis System

The IQ hairdryer is equipped with a new auto-diagnosis system to find any operating problems.

Cleaning the Gama IQ hairdryer.

It is extremely important to clean the hairdryer on a regular basis to avoid the filters getting blocked.