Egobond Fortifying & Restructuring Treatment

Egobond protects and strengthens the hair structure during technical

services in the salon and achieves optimal results with the home maintenance treatments. 

EGOBOND is the complete range of Bond-Builder products for the technical service and home maintenance, enriched with KERAVISTM BOND TECHNOLOGY.

This revolutionary fortifying system, which is developed in 7 steps,

respectively 3 for the treatment service in the salon and 4 for the home maintenance, is formulated to:


Increases the strength and resistance of the hair that tends to breakage

▶ Increases hair hydration for maximum elasticity and shine

▶ Triples the strength of damaged hair

▶ Significantly improve consumer perception thanks to the immediately visible results perceptible both to the eye and to the touch

▶ Quick and easy to use

▶ Proven effectiveness of home maintenance products

▶ Suitable for coloured, bleached and treated hair


The revolutionary fortifying system offers optimal anti-breakage benefits thanks to the protein based formulations that act on all resistance parameters and hydration of the hair allow efficient and long-lasting protection, also thanks to the highly performing products formulated for the home maintenance