Good Hair Day Every Day!

Good Hair Day Every Day!


Do you spend precious time every morning styling your hair?  Do you find it hard to manage your hair or get the finish you would like?  Use the right products for your hair type and we guarantee you will have a great hair day every day!

Here are 4 ways to get the best from your hair

1. Wash your hair correctly rather than frequently 


Shampoo the hair twice to ensure a deep clean.  Apply a small amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends and brush through the hair with a comb to loosen any tangles.  Rinse well and to finish rinse the hair with cold water to close the hair follicle preventing damage.  Try to train your hair by gradually leaving longer between washes.  Use Dry Shampoo to soak up the natural oils to get longer between each wash.



2. Prevent colour fade 

Do you find your hair colour fades within a short few weeks of leaving the salon?  Our Alter Ego Colour Care range containing Goji Berries is formulated to gently cleanse and protect coloured and bleached hair.  It prevents the cosmetic colour from fading.

3.  Invest in a quick & easy styling tool


We love our 3 in 1 Styler for quickly drying, straightening or adding volume to the hair in just a few minutes.  Achieve a salon-like blow-dry at home with this brilliant tool.  Or if beach waves are your thing, our ever popular Iron Squad, with it's ergonomic design allows you to achieve an effortless, loose curl in seconds. 

4. Protect the hair


When styling your hair, prevent heat damage using a heat protector spray such as Hi T Security which not only protects the hair from heat damage but also prevents frizz, for a smooth, sleek finish. 



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