Urban Proof Charcoal Detox/Deep Cleanse Shampoo

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Urban Proof Detox/Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Its exclusive formula with Urban Shield Technology and Activated Vegetal Charcoal gently cleanses all types of hair, leaving it light, shiny and clean longer. It carries out an effective purifying action, removing impurities protecting the hair against pollutants present in urban environments or areas with 'hard water' or lime in the water.

WITH 100% natural bamboo charcoal. Known for its powerful detoxifying properties, it acts like a “magnet”, trapping and absorbing impurities, sebum and smog from the scalp and hair.

WITHOUT Sulphates, parabens,


Apply on the scalp with wet hair and lather for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and, if necessary, repeat the application.