Protect your hair during hot weather

Protect your hair during hot weather

At last we are seeing a return to the good weather just before we say goodbye to Summer.  We all know the importance of sun protection for our face and body but our hair also needs to be protected against the harmful rays of the sun.  Here are our top 5 products that will not only protect your hair during sun exposure but also make it easier to style your hair too...Beachy waves anyone?

A sea salt spray is an easy way to achieve that tousled loose waves as the salt adds texture.  Alter Ego's sea salt spray has the added benefit of having UV Filter and Urban Shield Technology to protect the hair against harmful UV rays and external pollution.  

During the summer, humidity can cause a problem for certain hair types due to excess moisture in the air.  If you are more Monica than Rachel during the hot weather, our Liss Control Spray is the product for you.  This anti-frizz, straightening spray is activated by heat.  Spray on to damp hair before blowdrying or straightening for sleek, frizz-free hair! 

Keeping our hair clean and fresh whilst at the beach or out and about enjoying the hot weather can be an issue.  Our Rehab Shampoo is a rebalancing cleansing shampoo that is suitable for all hair types. It is particularly suitable for use after sun exposure as it has a purifying action and deeply moisturises and eliminates any residue on the hair. 

Whether your hair is exposed to heat from the sun or from styling tools, a heat protector spray is a must to protect against sun damage.  Our Alter Ego Hi T Security is a heat protector spray that creates a light film around the hair shaft to protect from heat damage.  It offers perfect control and anti-flyaway effect for disciplined locks.  One of our Hero products that everyone needs!


Of course the main effect of exposure to the sun is dry, dehydated skin and our hair is no different.  Keep hair moisturised and hydrated with our Urban Proof all-in-one leave in conditioning spray.  A lovely product to spritz in the hair, pool-side with the added benefit again of UV filter.  



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