Repairing treatment for damaged hair

Repairing treatment for damaged hair

Keratin is a protein that is a major component of hair, as well as nails and the outer layer of skin. It provides structure and strength to hair strands, helping to maintain their integrity and reduce breakage. Here are some ways in which keratin is good for hair:

1. **Strength and Protection:** Keratin helps strengthen the hair shaft, making it more resistant to damage from heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors.

2. **Frizz Control:** Keratin treatments can help reduce frizz and create smoother, more manageable hair by forming a protective barrier around the hair shaft.

3. **Repair:** Hair that has been damaged by excessive styling, coloring, or other treatments can benefit from keratin-based products, as they can help repair some of the damage and improve the overall appearance and texture of the hair.

4. **Shine and Smoothness:** Keratin can enhance the shine and smoothness of hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant.

5. **Improved Texture:** People with curly or frizzy hair might notice that keratin treatments can temporarily relax the hair's natural curl pattern, leading to a smoother and more uniform texture.

6. **Prevention of Breakage:** Strengthening the hair with keratin can reduce breakage, split ends, and other forms of damage.

Alter Ego have used their research and innovation to formulate a repairing treatment line, Egobond which fortifies and repairs damaged hair.  The first 3 steps are completed in the salon as an intensive treatment.  The final steps are for home maintenance to get longer from the treatment.  Perfect for anyone who has over-processed, bleached, damaged hair.   Find out more here.

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