Winter Protection For Your Hair

Winter Protection For Your Hair

As the temperatures fall, central heating is turned on and shower temperatures are turned up, we tend to overheat our hair drying it out. 


To protect your hair this winter from the harsh climate as well as internal environmental factors, we share our top 5 tips below:

1. Treat Your Hair to an Intensive Treatment

Look after your hair by treating it to a deeply nourishing and conditioning mask such as our Shewonder Clay Mask.  Our Shewonder mask instantly conditions with Clay, Shea Butter and Starch Complex. It protects, regenerates and provides deep and immediate hydration to the skin and lengths resulting in disciplined, controlled, shiny and silky hair. Reduces styling times, with progressive memory effect. For medium thick, treated, dry, frizzy and rebellious.

2.  Turn Down The Heat

To prevent hair from drying out further, turn the temperature down on your hairdryer, shower and central heating.  Use a heat protector spray when heat-styling.  Our Hi T Security heat protector spray provides a protective layer on the hair preventing heat damage and adding shine. 


3.  Use Oils

Oils can instantly add shine and softness.  Our Silk Blend Oil, a blend of precious nourishing and taming oils is ideal for unruly and frizz hair.  It regenerates dull and stressed hair.


4. Be Gentle When Brushing

Your hair can be more fragile during the colder months so try not to add extra stress on the hair with harsh and excessive brushing.  Use a quality detangler brush to easily detangle the hair causing less damage. 

5. Regular Trims

The cold winter weather can cause damage to the ends, making the hair dry and brittle. Getting regular trims will help keep your hair in a good condition and reduce the risk of split ends.


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