Kreative Vent Brush

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Kreative Vent Brush:

Healthy Hair:

The natural boar bristles of our curved hair brush work as a natural conditioner, balancing the oils on the scalp while distributing them through the hair, leaving it sleek and shiny. 

Tangle Free Bristle Hair Brush: 

Minimize tangles and pulling with our vented hair brush for blow drying. With generous spacing between the bristles, our curved hair brush glides through the hair without causing damage and is simple and easy to clean. 

Non Slip Grip:

The handle of our vented brush fits comfortably in your hand and also has a rubber non slip cover. The styling brush has a hanging hole as well as magnet for easy storage.

For All Hair Types:

Our vented hair brush is suitable for all hair types. The curved hair brush easily glides through coarse, fine, thick or thin hair. The vented detangling brush works great for straight or curly hair. It can also be used for extensions.