ScalpEgo Energizing Patches

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ScalpEgo Energizing Patches (70 Patches):

The energizing range is formulated with fermented oats which provide calming and soothing properties. The range is enriched with a number of vitamins, amino acids, Ginseng extract and Arctium Majus root which help to minimise hair loss and helps to restore the hair's strength and vitality. 

The ScalpEgo Energizing Patches are hair loss prevention patches. The slow-release active substances act synergistically on the main cause of hair loss, nourishing and strengthening the hair, providing greater shine and softness. 

The intensive treatment formula contains arginine, biotin and ginseng root extract, while the maintenance formula contains rosemary, nettle and hops. 


Apply 2 x concentrated formula plus patches everyday for the first week.

Continue the treatment by applying 2 x maintenance formula patches everyday for the next 4 weeks.

How to use:

1) Clean and dry the area to be treated well.

2) Remove 2 patches from the transparent support and apply them carefully to the areas to be treated, leaving them on for at least 6 hours and up to a maximum of 12 hours.

3) Use the patches everyday, applying them in a different position every time. 

Pack Size: 70 patches per pack